You then decide for yourself whether to accept the loan. If it suits you, sign it and send it back by mail or fax. Even without Credit bureau a cheap instant loan is possible. The balance can be paid immediately in cash or to your account. The discretion offers a cash advance, as it does not adversely affect the Credit bureau score.

Request a free and free credit now.

Request a free and free credit now.

Anyone who opens a current account or call money account on the Internet or makes an online loan and does not appear at the respective house bank to justify himself, must identify himself to the house bank with the post-identification procedure. That’s what the money laundering law wants and that’s why there is no online loan without identical post.

It would certainly be even easier and the borrowers would receive their capital even faster if the money laundering law did not exist and the post-identical credit procedure could disappear. The voucher is handed out to most consumers together with the contract documents or printed out themselves. For banks, the Money Laundering Act applies.

Anyone who opens, invests or lends a customer account, if he does not make himself available to the principal bank, must use the post-identification procedure that Post carries out as a service provider for a house bank. The consumer can print the identical voucher himself or have it sent to him. The employee of Lite lender post complies with a suitable form and confirms to the post office the identity of the customer the house bank.

The signature of the client and the documents will be sent by post to the respective house bank. It is only the way to the post office for the client, which is to be regarded as an additional expense. An identity check is free for him, the post office charges the banks for this fee, and the shipping postage does not have to be paid by the client.

There would be no online current accounts with direct banks without branches without the post-identification procedure. There will be no online credit without mail ident in the next few years. If you do not want this, you will need to select a local office to take out a loan or open a current account.

Credit can be transferred within a few minutes

Credit can be transferred within a few minutes

A flash credit can be transferred within a few minutes. That way, you can protect yourself from excessive credit. The legitimation is often done with the help of Postdent or by loading documents on the Internet. Applicants can use Postdent to prove their name, address and birthday. The applicant receives from the provider a post-ID coupon, which he brings together with the ID card and possibly the data of the customer to the post office.

With Lite lender post, the provider receives an identity confirmation. Luckily, there are more and more opportunities in the domestic electricity market like Verify-U and videoconferencing. How can I claim a Flash balance without Postdent? After submitting your application, we will send you an e-mail and a text message asking you to legitimize yourself.

You can do this by uploading your documents to your account or easily and quickly with Verify-U. What are the pluses of Verify-U? is a cybit product that drives identification. Many credit institutions are already using [verify-U] to facilitate a quick payout. Some will find it cumbersome in the first stage, but once it does, [verify-U] vouches for your future personal identification, based on a pers.

Comfortable home identification (around the clock) and the guarantee eg of a quick payment of your credit and / or account opening. Do you want to know more about [Verify-U]? More information can be found on our Verify U site.