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Interest on building loans – mortgage lending

Interest on building loans - mortgage lending

In particular, construction loan interest is the most important factor influencing the financing of real estate. An alternative term for mortgage interest is mortgage interest. The construction loan rate represents the interest that the financing financial institution receives from the borrower so that the customer can use the services of a building loan. A potential builder can particularly benefit from advantageous construction loan interest rates if a low-interest phase of the construction loan is used in order to benefit from this through a long-term fixed interest rate over the years.

With this type of use of construction loan interest, a long-term fixed interest rate policy commits to reducing the risk of interest rate changes and at the same time offering the borrower the greatest possible flexibility.

In the case of annuity loans, the construction loan interest is recalculated, for example after each installment.

Home loan interest portion

Home loan interest portion

Due to the very high loan amounts, an interest difference of 0.1-0.2% pa can lead to high additional costs for home savings rates.

After all, the credit institutions have to get the funds requested by consumers on the market, and this is only possible up to the current interest rates. However, it is not just the current interest rate level that is decisive for the partially higher home savings rates.

Here you can see whether the loan interest can be financed properly or only with restrictions.

The mortgage loan value of the property is also taken into account for the construction loan interest.

The higher the collateral, the higher the mortgage lending value is in relation to the risk of default. for the house bank.

Interest on building loans The interest on building loans is one of the most important comparative indicators for a building loan. Apart from the interest rate, the initial tipping rate and the amount of the mortgage loan. People who choose to build a house, purchase a residential complex or renovate an existing property will not receive such a project in practice.

Among other things, it can be used for the building or the acquisition of a property, but also for renovations and conversions in …